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The following is a report on Florida's Overall Oral Health from the ADA a first-of-its-kind study looking at new data on oral health of adults. Particularly concerning are trends among low-income individuals, as they are 10 times more likely to rate the condition of their mouth and teeth as poor in comparison to high-income adults, twice as likely to have the appearance of their teeth impact their ability to interview for a job, and twice as likely to have problems biting or chewing. These data make a compelling case for policy action to improve access to dental care for adults.

Florida Oral Health Report

The following is a report on Florida's Oral Healthcare System from the ADA a first-of-its-kind report on an array of oral health indicators, including dental care utilization, provider reimbursement rates, dentist-to-population ratios, and percentage of Medicaid-participating dentists, with data provided at the national level and all states and D.C.

Florida Oral Healthcare System Report

Are you seeing many dentists leaving or entering your state? The following infographic shows the migration patterns.

Dentist Migration Across State Lines

The following is a Florida Healthcare Workforce report of emerging and evolving roles and occupations released May of 2016.

New Report on Emerging and Evolving Healthcare Occupations in Florida