Florida’s Healthcare Workforce Leadership Council identifies current and future demand, supply, and gaps for a quality workforce in the state in order to meet the needs of healthcare employers. In addition, the Council may make recommendations relating to laws, regulations, policies, and practices that influence health professional education, recruitment and retention.

Guiding Principles

The Leadership Council actions shall be guided by the existing and future talent needs of Florida’s healthcare providers.

The Leadership Council shall serve as a conduit for gathering statewide and regional workforce information and intelligence from healthcare providers that can be provided to CareerSource Florida on a routine basis and assimilated into the Marketplace Intelligence Portal, resulting in data-informed decision making about education and training investments.

The Leadership Council will strive to connect Florida’s healthcare providers to the benefits of the sector strategy approach, including capabilities to meet near-term and longer-term workforce needs.

The Leadership Council will assess the effectiveness of development and delivery of workforce opportunities responsive to the needs of the entire healthcare sector.

The Leadership Council shall identify ways to measure outcomes and sustain the sector strategy work over time through continuous improvement and utilization of existing resources, organizations, activities and private sector support.

The Leadership Council shall accomplish its mission, purposes and activities in the most efficient and effective manner, respectful of everyone’s time and resources.

The Leadership Council shall build awareness of the Sector Strategy initiative through state and local communication channels.