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Identified Challenges and Needs in Florida Healthcare Workforce

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Who We Are

The Florida Healthcare Workforce initiative came about through a grant that was awarded to the Florida Center for Nursing by CareerSource Florida. The Leadership Council, comprised of high-level health industry leaders, serves as the steering committee that directs the initiative. The Council develops recommendations for statewide policy that will facilitate a sufficient supply of highly-skilled talent to meet the demand of Florida’s current and future healthcare workforce needs.

Assisting the Leadership Council, the State and Professional Advisory Groups serve as a resource for information and data essential to enable healthcare workforce policy and strategy development. At the local level, Regional Councils provide information specific to Florida’s unique cultures that exist within each region.

What We Are About

Florida is the global leader for providing quality healthcare talent and innovation to meet the needs of the healthcare industry.

Florida’s Healthcare Workforce Leadership Council identifies current and future demand, supply, and gaps for a quality workforce in the state in order to meet the needs of healthcare employers. 

Florida’s healthcare providers shall serve as the primary point of contact for statewide healthcare workforce data and predictive trends to facilitate policy and strategy development.

Our Focus

• Promote healthcare business growth
• Better connect Florida’s healthcare
   providers to existing public and private
• Leverage, streamline, integrate and
   coordinate the workforce and talent
   development assets within the state
• Create a new sector strategy approach for
   healthcare, and more...
For a complete list of our objectives, please visit the Leadership Council to learn more.

Strategic Initiatives

1 Identify gaps in healthcare workforce supply and demand data, and design a collection system to effectively analyze data at the state and regional level.

2 Develop strategies for recruitment and retention of healthcare workers, including critical need areas across all health professions.

3 Identify emerging workforce roles, such as in healthcare informatics, and develop a method to educate the current workforce regarding value based care.

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